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OPTIMES is deployed on a cloud-based server which act as a hub that communicates with the individual traffic controllers on site. Communication to the traffic controllers is established via 5G/4G, broadband network or fibre optic medium. OPTIMES is compatible with any brand of traffic controller. It is designed to provide information such as intersections' locations, traffic information, controller's specification and settings related to the intersection and live monitoring of the intersections.

Real Time Data Collection

OPTIMES is designed to collect and analyse the data continuously. It shows a number of logs per phase and accordingly provides a throughput analysis. OPTIMES is able to estimate the number of vehicles passing through an intersection in a given time window with existing parameters.

Remote Maintenance

OPTIMES software provides the ability to collect data from the traffic controllers regarding the operational status and existing or historical faults of the system remotely. The Traffic management officer (TMO) will be able to know the exact status of the traffic equipment without having to be on-site. TMO will be able to configure the linked traffic controller's settings remotely via OPTIMES.


  • Efficient maintenance capability (reduced traffic system downtime) equals positive economic contribution
  • Customise graphical user interface and features.
  • Single platform to monitor all traffic controllers irrespective of brand
  • Ease of mind in handling/ controlling traffic system


Key Features

  • Remote maintenance capability for every traffic light irrespective of traffic controller brand
  • Data collection capability and analysis
  • Can be integrated with CCTV camera and traffic information portals


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