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Greenwave linking (GWL) also known as time synchronisation, is the concept of synchronising the flow of traffic (reducing stop frequency and waiting time); so that a platoon of vehicles can flow smoothly along adjacent intersections. Thus, shortening travel time and preserving the environment from pollution caused by idling engines. PPK has extensive experience in GWL, which has evolved from wired communication to a variety of wireless communication methods. Promotes Smooth Vehicle Flow Through Signalised Intersections GWL implementation requires junction studies in order to analyse the arterial traffic flow and its demand at various peak hours throughout the day. The collected data will be used to determine values of significant parameters in GWL system i.e. phase splits, cycle time extension, linking hold, enable and offset time.

Linking via PINTAS

  • Each junction to be synchronised must be linked to PINTAS control and command centre.
  • Instruction will be sent directly to each controller to initiate the synchronisation.

Linking via RF

  • Each junction to be synchronised is installed with RF module and GWL card to enable communication between junctions.
  • The RF range is up to 2 km line of sight (LoS). Repeaters can be added if there is a limitation in LoS or if longer range linking is required i.e more than 2 km distance between junctions.

Linking via GPS

  • Each junction to be synchronised is installed with GPS module which synchronises the clock of the controllers and activates linking based on pre-set Multi plan timings.



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