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Traffic Dispersal Traveller Information System

Traffic lights controlled by smart sensors and linked to control center.

  • Safety of public no violation
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Reduce accidents (data to be collected over 1 year)
  • Traffic safety (logic)
  • Improve traffic flow ( Improve monitoring – down time reduce (average lampu isyarat jam/setahun…27 jam / year…system …8 jam setahun…avera ge utk Malaysia..kalua MITS…ecpect the same performance pengkalan rama) Smooth traffic flow (waiting time reduce 2 min to 1.6 minutes 3 hari)

Smart sensors

  • Wireless Vehicle Detector
  • Video vehicle detector
  • Video classification and data collection devices (with optional on site recording)

Violation Detection

  • Red light camera
  • Cross stop line (safety control)
  • Yellow box
  • Speaker system for remote public announcement / public safety control

Variable Message Sign (Linked to Traffic System)

  • Interactive display
  • Video footage of public advertisement
  • Live feed from traffic junctions – video of road users waiting
  • Live Violation real time video display

Positive Impact

  • Fast medium of information delivery to the public
  • Medium promises interesting areas/new companies/new shops/new hotels in Melaka
  • Medium of information delivery to MBMB employees (holidays, competitions and others)
  • Giving advertisers the opportunity to promote goods and the cost of promotion can increase MBMB's revenue